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Image by Egor Yakushkin

30 Years of Risk Mitigation

Unparalleled Industry Expertise 

We’re not a weather company. We’re not a data company.

We’re an industry innovator that has built cutting-edge data solutions and strategic partnerships over the course of 30 years, allowing you to access everything you need in one place. Making the impossible, possible.


Core Leadership Team

Metrics that Matter

The Difference is in the Details

More About Phoenix Intel

Phoenix Intelligence is an independent advisory service bringing best-in-class guidance to all your land and snow maintenance needs because planning for inclement weather and its effects can feel like a shot in the dark and we are here to provide confidence in your budget and planning. 


Our proprietary modeling combines our expertise with weather risk analysis for more accurate budgets and improved risk management. Weather Risk Management is supported by specific location-based weather data that is enhanced through financial risk providers to hedge high-variability events (such as: heavy and low snowfall seasons).

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