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Welcome to the Future of Snow Removal

Revolutionizing a $25B+ Industry

The snow removal business is a $25B per year industry. But the way potential costs are analyzed hasn't been updated to meet the latest advances in technology - until now. PHOENIX360™ is a first-to-market solution that combines unparalleled historical data with cutting-edge technology to provide contractors & property management teams with the most accurate projections of annual snow removal cost than has ever been possible. Giving you a 360 degree view of the past, present and future.

Unfathomable Innovation Has Arrived


A completely new solution for synthesizing risk in a way that's so far beyond past models - "groundbreaking" doesn't even begin to cover it. Our strategic data partnerships give us unparalleled access to millions of data points. Our technology makes it possible to utilize these points in mere seconds. Imagine quantifying five thousand sites in minutes with an integrated system that expands your possibilities and understanding infinitely.

More than a Data Solution

Stop Guess-timating. Start Quantifying.

Maximize profitability and drastically reduce risk by rapidly creating estimates with astounding accuracy.

Our calculations account for thousands of variables grounded in comprehensive data. And yes, you can use your own data, with our system, too. But PHOENIX360 gives you more than just access to millions of data points. It provides you with technology advanced enough to quantify five thousand sites in mere seconds. 

This Changes Everything

Snow Removal Made Smarter

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Why Trust Phoenix Intel?

30 Years of Risk Mitigation

Elevate your business with unmatched industry expertise and nearly a century of combined experience. Our stellar team of leaders is dedicated to empowering clients large and small with the highest level of service. Our team is comprised of individual members of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and Certified Energy Procurement (CEP®).

"Deciding to use Phoenix’s invoice solution was a great business choice. The transparency allows my clients to wholly trust our work and they continue to give us more business."


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