What information do your algorithms provide?


We use algorithms to help our clients better quantify the opportunities and risks in the energy market.




What exclusive partnerships do you leverage?


We created our process in partnership with Munich Re’s commodity trading group:  With assets in excess of $250B and an S&P rating of A+, they take their risk management very seriously and are known globally as a top provider of solutions to global wholesale firms. Kendall Johnson, Founder of Phoenix Energy Solutions, is a senior advisor to their wholesale commodity group.




What are a few examples of the solutions you provide to increase

corporate efficiency in usage and cost of energy?


  • Running auctions to find the supplier with the right price for you

  • Constant monitoring of the market. As wholesale prices change by the minute, we look to maximize on those beneficial changes to our client’s advantage. We keep our clients abreast of changes that are relevant to them.

  • We look at all aspects of our client’s energy usage and advise them of ways to capitalize on available government programs that will decrease both cost and consumption.




What are some additional benefits of becoming a Phoenix client?


  • Leverage our long-standing relationships with energy suppliers operating within an expansive, “group discount” network

  • Access to wholesale “green” markets, allowing your company to become environmentally conscious and fiscally sound.




What’s the catch?


There isn’t one. We conduct our analysis and provide you with solutions at no cost to you.

There’s never an obligation. No hidden fees, upfront fees, or engagement fees.


All fees associated with the purchase of energy are paid by the supplier.

And unless you love the customized energy solutions we propose

for the other aspects of your business, you never pay a dime.


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